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Downloads Stats

GRM is online since 3 weeks. The download numbers so far are great: 14530, 560 and 406 on Google Play, Androidpit and Amazon respectively. This means that Google Play accounts for nearly 94% of all downloads. The situation is similar for RTF (Rope the Frog). The downloads for the 3 stores so far are 26000, 1440, 1170…


New Review of GRM

GRM was reviewed by GRM was mentioned as being “unique” and “innovative”. Thank you.


Nice year-end rally

We had a nice increase in downloads at the end of the year. The total downloads so far are: >25.000 for Rope the Frog, >6.000 for Gravity Racing Madness and nearly 7.000 downloads for BeautyQR. BeautyQR PRO was bought around 70 times. The most downloads are from Google Play. In our opinion there is no advantage…

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