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Gravity Racing Madness [NEW]

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Gravity Racing Madness – In the far future a singularity has torn gravity into two opposing forces splitting the universe in two dimensions.

You are ONE of a small elite of pilots known as GRAVITEERS. You have the ability to switch between the worlds with opposing gravities with a simple touch to your display.

Your mission is to defeat time and space to fight the singularity. Complete 50+ stages as fast as possible to restore order.

Gravity Racing Madness is the newest runner game – Faster than Rope’n Fly, more madness than Temple Run. Higher hills than Hill Climb Racing; even more xtreme than Stickman Ski Racer.

Game Mechanics:

The following picture illustrates the game mechanic of GRM. Your task is nothing more than to switch or reverse the gravity at the right time with your fingertip. If you roll down a hill (left side) the gravity of the “blue” world speeds up your racer. However, if a hill goes upwards you have to switch to the other “red” world with reversed gravity. So in summary you have to find the optimum switching point.

To complicate the situation we randomly placed some buzz saws. Touching one of them will rip you in pieces and you have to restart the game stage. Finally, the direction changes from time to time which is really tricky to handle.


  • Rush through 50+ levels full of hill madness
  • Xtreme gravity switching mechanics will drive you mad
  • Even the smallest mistake and the buzz saw rips you in pieces
  • Fire the booster if you run out of time

Gravity Racing Madness is a free and clean arcade game: no annoying requests, no hidden costs.


  • Gravity Racing Madness was reviewed by the german Android magazine We received 5 of 5 possible stars. The review can be found here.
  • A news post by and can be found here.
  • We were also awarded a bronze medal by Take a look at the review here.
  • Gamezebo wrote a short review here.





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