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> 5000 downloads, >1500 active installs of RTF

Rope the Frog (RTF) was downloaded more than 5000 times. There are more than 1500 active installs. Thank you!


Pro Version of Rope the Frog

We decided to publish a Pro version of our Rope the Frog game. Compared to the free version there are no Ads. For the future we plan to extend the Pro version, e.g. new levels, new extras, more fun. You can buy RTF Pro from Google Play for 0.79€:


Rope the Frog – Lieutenant Brown Release is out

Today, we published the latest version of Rope the Frog (codename: Lieutenant Brown). The most important improvement is the new tutorial level. You have to prove yourself in our 10 stage tutorial before playing for real game. This is required to make sure you understand the game mechanic. Download for free from Google Play:


>1300 installs of RTF on Google Play

The total number of Rope the Frog (RTF) installs reached 1300. There are more than 500 active installs. Thank you!


Rope the Frog – Sergeant Green is out now

We are happy to announce the new version of Rope the Frog, codename Sergeant Green. Here are the major changes: – fully redesign art work – new handcrafted level design – frogger is faster then ever before – finally we have music – new extras, including wind and reversed gravity But you convince yourself!


Indistinguishable Main Character, A Common Marketing Mistake – Redesigning Inevitable

We’ve noticed that particular successful indy titles like Braid, Meatboy, Limbo, Fez, Binding of Isaac, all have very unique characters. We also had to realize that our game character looks like everybody else’s: a redesign was inevitable. Apparently many casual game artists/designers fail to make their characters distinguishable. We hope this case studies makes you realize this mistake earlier…


Fixing Bleeding in LibGdx’s TextureAtlas

This is a small post for a small problem. When using a texture atlas, bleeding might occur. Meaning that a region from the atlas might show half a pixel from bordering textures. It seems a common problem. When googling it, you find a lot of general OpenGL advice: Inset the region about half a pixel…


RTF Level Design – A random Walk Approach

In this post we describe the level design of Rope the Frog (RTF). For RTF we have to design an infinite level. How we achieved this? How it works First, using the Tiled Map Editor ( we designed several dozens level slices (or tiles). Each slice is described by input and output ports. There is…


Code Generation in Gamedev: Tutorial with TileMapEditor as Example

For the development of Rope the Frog, we wanted to use an existing editor for level design. Existing tool usually means that you have to integrate a proprietary file format. In our case we chose TileMapEditor from which produces an XML-based dialect. Somehow, our game had to learn to understand this XML format to actually draw…