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A better OpenGL Video Capture with LibGdx

In our previous post we wrote about how to capture the video output when using LibGdx. The proposed solution is simple but not powerful enough. The problem is that it is impossible to capture high resolution videos at a high frame rate. In our project the proposed blocking solution was too slow resulting in an…


500 RTF installs in Google Play

The total number of Rope the Frog (RTF) installs reached 500. Currently there are 200 active RTF installs. Thank you!


New Version of Rope the Frog

We are happy to announce the new version of Rope the Frog (RTF). These are the most important features. New Game Mechanic  The frogger will stick as long as you touch and hold. In our previous version of RTF the tongue wasn’t sticky forever. Promotion You start with the tutorial level. A higher level can be…


New “Rope the Frog” Trailer, A MakingOf

We just published the new trailer for our Android grame “Rope the Frog”. This was tougher than we originally thought. We want to share our experiences; maybe it will help someone with similar problems. But first things first; here is the new shiny trailer: Capturing Gameplay “Rope the Frog” is an Android game designed for…


OpenGL Video Capture with LibGdx

Capturing your game’s OpenGL output as a screen-cast is challenging, especially if you want high frame rates. Screen capture tools like VLC player are unable to provide the required high frame rates. We have another, more low level solution tailored for applications written in LibGdx. We save each frame  to disk. Afterwards the particular images are encoded…


Global Highscore available

With the new version of RTF you can submit your highscore to our hall of fame.


What We Learned from Your Feedback – Five Rules of Tutorial Design

We are currently working on a heavily modified version of Rope the Frog. The first version has been on Google Play for a few weeks now and we learned a lot from user feedback (thanks guys) and have identified a series of weak points. While people love the Frogger, the general idea, the graphics, and…


BeautyQR v1.2

A new version of BeautyQR is available. We fixed the problem with Android version 4.


New wendytech website is online

We reworked our web presence and hope you like it. The new wordpress based system will make it much easier for us to provide content. But more importantly, will it allow you to participate in the process. So we encourage you to comment and suggest as you can and like. Don’t forget to subscribe to…