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Rope the Frog

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Rope the Frog is our second Android App and our first game. After Rocket Scientist we wanted to reach a broader audience. We thought a fun game is perfect for that. Here is the challenge: We are not sure how easy/hard the game is (we played it all the time through development). Can you reach the black tongue/belt stage? We are afraid only Chuck Norris can do it.

New Version, New Trailer!


You’re hungry and that makes you angry. You want your bugs and you want them fast. Swing through a world full of juicy mosquitos. Get fatter and fatter so you can eat even more. Get more scores for eating as fast as you can; an eat-o-meter helps to optimize your feasting. But be aware, the food chain is long, and those mean stork babies like them some juicy frog legs. The world adapts to your abilities: raise from a white tongue noob to the league of black tongue experts, unlock new extras and compete on the global leaderboard. More puzzles than Rope’n Fly, more action than Cut the Rope. Earn the black belt.

Getting a Higher Score

Rope the Frog is all about getting a higher score than everybody else. You get points for eating bugs. You get even more points for eating a lot of bugs really fast. If you catch bugs quickly, your score multiplies. Eating a lot of bugs in a row is key to get a high score. Keep in mind, you wont play forever. You only have three lifes and there are a lot of stork babys that will kill you. The more bugs you ate, the heavier you get; and the heavier you are, the faster you fall. So maybe it is wise to only eat bugs in a row and keep those lonely scattered bugs alone.

Progression Through the Game

The first time you play, you start with the tutorial level. Higher levels can be unlocked when you reach the required scores. This allows you to earn a better status and rise from White tongue noop to Black tongue master. With each new level, the maximum multiplier is raised. So in the beginning you only get extra points for eating two bugs in a row. But with increasing masterhood, you can catch up to seven bugs at a time. This will show a lot of blood and earns you massive points. With each new level the game will also show new extra items. So play and find out what they are.

Gameplay video

Here is a gameplay video on a Nexus 7 tablet pc:

This is a clean game: no annoying requests, no hidden costs.

Download Rope the Frog from Google Play or Amazon.

2 Responses

  1. Great game. I like it.

  2. I love your game. I play it everyday on the bus and sometimes when I am bored at work. Keep it up, can’t wait what is next.

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